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Product Code: ko-010
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Weight: 2.60lb

Price: $80.00

The Mo Bettah Musubi maker is a 9 cavity universal musubi maker. It features interlocking an removable separators and two handles. This design allows you to make any quantity up to nine musubi at once. It also allows you to make up to 9 different types of musubi at the same time. Nine is a perfect amount to make at once because 1 can of sliced SPAM makes exactly 9 slices when using a commercial lunch meat slicer. Now there is a perfect match. Easy to assemble and easy to disassemble when making the individual food molds. The removable separators can be re-arranged to make three sandwich size musubi or three sushi roll size musubi at once. The removable separators also make it easy to clean up when finished. Making musubi with the Mo Bettah musubi maker is easy and does not require any skills, unlike sushi which requires rolling rice. This high quality metal musubi maker is very durable and will hold up to meet the needs for any family kitchen, bake sale, commercial restaurant or fair that you have.

Check out our tips and techniques video, showing the various ways to use the Mo Bettah musubi maker.

Kit includes: The 9 piece universal Mo Bettah Musubi maker with interlocking and removable separators made in Stainless Steel. Also includes a three prong rice press for faster assembly time. 


Musubi Maker: 316 food grade Stainless Steel 

3 Pad Press:  single sheet folded 316 food grade Stainless Steel

Weight: ~ 2.6 lbs.

Dimensions: 7.6" x 13.0"


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