Ko Craft Musubi Makers

Ko Craft musubi makers. ( Click image for more info )

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Mo Bettah 9 Cavity Stainless Steel Musubi Maker with Three Pad Press

9 piece universal musubi maker made of commercial food grade quality 316 stainless steel and a three pad rice press also made of stainless steel. (Patent Pending)

$58.50  $51.95

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Mo Bettah 9 Cavity Acrylic Musubi Maker with Three Pad Rice Press

9 piece acrylic universal musubi maker with an acrylic three prong press. (Patent Pending)


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Small Kine Single Stainless Steel Musubi Mold

Here is a commercial quality single musubi mold. The "Small Kine" musubi mold is made of commercial quality stainless steel. The press is formed from one piece of steel for strength and the mold is welded for durability. It is approximately 1.875 inches deep and fits a SPAM slice perfectly. No more worrying about dropping acrylic makers that break instantly or coming apart when washing or pressing. The Small Kine single musubi mold is idea for restaurants, high volume operations and home use that need the durability and desire ultra high quality kitchen tools..


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Classic Onigiri Stainless Steel Mold

'Classic" Onigiri (triangle) musubi mold. Made of 100% food grade stainless steel for commercial quality. This mold is very durable and withstand heavy usage. Its open design design with a separate rice press is similar to making rectangle musubi. fill with rice, press then add middle filling and add more rice then press flat again. approximately 1.875 inches deep and 3.25 inches high from base to center peak..


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