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Musubi inspired Gear and related Stuff ( Click image for more info )

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Kauai Shave Ice T-Shirt

All cotton tee. With original Kauai Shave Ice art work of a Gecko, flowers and rising sun. Great color and design


Mo Bettah & Bambucha T-Shirt (Clearance)

An island style musubi design. 100% cotton T-shirt made by Gildan



A fun T-Shirt inspired by the endless variations of pronunciations for Spam Musubi. Help your friends learn how to say it correctly by visualizing the cow, the girl and the Bee -eeeeee. . Spread the aloha with MOO-SUE-BEE...


Mo Bettah T-Shirt

A fun T-Shirt inspired by our companies mission. Simply to make life bettah for everyone. We started with musubi in designing the 9 cavity "Mo Bettah" Musubi maker. It just makes life better by making it easier to make tasty musubi and helps to promote a healthier diet. Spread our shared mission to the world that we all want to just make life Mo Bettah!


Love Meets Happiness

Ko Craft Brand T-Shirt "Where Love Meets Happiness"