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Here is the world's first musubi bake pan. This versatile "Any Kine" bake pan is made of 100% fda food grade silicone. It features three cavities approx 3 3/4 x 2 inches the same size as all the musubi molds and 5/8 inch deep. Its overall size is 5 inches by 8 inches which allows it to be placed not only in a microwave or conventional oven but also a small toaster oven. Easily make eggs for Spam and Egg Musubi. It takes just seconds to cook an egg for musubi in a microwave. Try some of our recipes from our Hawaiian-Style Musubi cookbook. This Any Kine bake pan can be used to cook any thing. It will help to bring out the creative chef in you for making unique and new fillings for musubi like taro corn beef patties or shape and cook a delicious crab patty for a crab cake musubi. Many possibilities. This item was made in china.

Check out our new video showing how to make spam and Egg musubi using the Ko Craft "Any Kine" musubi bake pan.

SPAM & Egg musubi tip: I have found good results using one large egg scrambled with 1 tbsp milk, then splitting the egg mixture into two of the cavities at 350 degree for 10 minutes in my toaster oven. The amount of egg added to each cavity was equivalent to slightly more than two tbsp of egg mixture. When cooked the eggs rose to be about a quarter inch high, the same as a slice of spam. A single large egg in a cavity would produce the egg to be 1/2 inch high. If it is cooked too much the egg shrinks. Eggs are less rubbery when the milk is added. Remember to grease the pan first when cooking eggs.

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