Musubi Cooking Aids

Custom made cooking aids to help with making delicious musubi food products. ( Click image for more info )

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'Any Kine' Musubi Bake Pan ( Musubi Egg mold )

This versatile "Any Kine" bake pan is made of 100% fda food grade silicone. It features three cavities approx 3 3/4 x 2 inches and its overall size is 5 inches by 8 inches.

$11.95  $9.00

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Musubi Egg Mold and Shape Tool

Musubi Egg Mold and Shape tool


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Stainless Steel Metal Three Pad Press

A commercial grade stainless steel metal rice press with three pressing pads. Designed for use with the metal versions of the mo Bettah musubi makers. Not compatible for the acrylic makers.


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Single Rice Press

A single slice rice press that can be sued on any of the musubi makers.


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Three Pad Rice Press For Acrylic Musubi Maker

A three pad rice press with spacing designed for the acrylic version of the Ko Craft "Mo Bettah" 9 piece musubi maker.


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